A Southern Girl Trying to Make a Difference in Sin City

“Write without pay until somebody offers to pay.” Mark Twain

I have been writing for my own amusement for most of my life, yet I want to be a published author someday.  I am often in a conundrum of keeping my “relative” anonymity over revealing my true identity.  Then I fall of the word wagon for months at a time. I wake up one day, read something brilliant that someone else has written, and ask myself the inevitable question.  Oh, you know the one all “closeted” writers ask themselves.

WHY AM I HIDING MY WRITING TALENT?  Fear of failure and/or losing my real world job.  

Okay, I know that is an excuse.  Writing is and always has been extremely important to me, and I have to find a way instead of making excuses.  With that said, I am joining one of my cults of insanity again because many moons ago it served me well.  I am also going to unearth all those archived posts I have labeled as “private” and entombed in the recesses of this blog.

The proverbial writing is on the wall.  And now, it is on this blog as well.  Hello there.  Sit and stay awhile.  Welcome.  Nice to see you.  I’m glad you are here.

wall bench


One thought on “Make Me an Offer I Cannot Refuse

  1. I love it when you write. I wish you would write more often. Your writing inspires me to write more and be more creative. I can’t wait to read the next 29 posts.


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