A Southern Girl Trying to Make a Difference in Sin City

  • No matter what kind of day week I have had I take great comfort in the fact that when I came home from work today Little Miss Zelda was so happy to see her human.
  • Related, my two work partners brought me a purple-flowering plant today — comforting and cheerful.
  • Also related, a far-away friend who I love to the sky and back again has sent me several of the most comforting text messages over the past few days.
  • Still related, I’m Monday-wasted and enjoyed a three-hour tour of the sofa after work today.
  • Finally, there were Cheerios with bananas for supper, and I am headed to bed.

fez ily


One thought on “Got Me Right in the Feels

  1. I’m glad your week started out ok. I’ve been thinking about you constantly. We need a girl date. Soon.


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