A Southern Girl Trying to Make a Difference in Sin City

… said no one ever.  It is no secret that I am not a fan of Monday nor am I fan of mornings.  Getting up by 5 AM today to return to work after a weekend of complete sloth will be ridiculously challenging.   After making myself a large quantity of coffee and pouring it into my take-to-work vat, I will put on my best fake-it-until-you-can-make-it-home smile and venture out of the house before the sun peaks over Frenchman Mountain.  Monday, look out, here I come is my mantra.  After all, I don’t need a new year to change.  All I need is a Monday.


It is what it is, but it will become what you make it.  Today is Monday, and it is going to be a great day.


One thought on “Yea! It’s Monday!

  1. Obviously it’s a Monday. I just stared at the screen for 3 minutes trying to figure out how to “like” this post. *sigh* back to the coffee pot for me.


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