A Southern Girl Trying to Make a Difference in Sin City

Like all good stories this one starts with a bold woman who believes that she can and will change the world.  Day by day.  Week by week.  Month by month.  From today on, I am trusting my inner voice and making things happen.  In other words, I am calling myself on my own nonsense.  There will be no more masks, personas, or pseudonyms.  I will no longer shush my inner voice.  If I never try to be the change I wish to see in the world, I will never know if it made a difference.  While I do not know where the proverbial road might lead, I am choosing to follow the one less traveled by.  My name is Jan Snipes, and I approve of this reincarnation.


One thought on “A Fresh Embodiment

  1. “I will no longer shush my inner voice.” I need to learn to do this too. You can, do, and will continue to do great things forever and always. Don’t ever doubt yourself. ILYTTSABA


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